Future Perfect is a witty, unflinching, and provocative memoir about one woman’s journey into the fact, fiction, and fraud of the modern mystical complex.

“Loustalot's study is filled with intriguing encounters with individuals possessing occult talents both real and finely crafted ... Where she ends up on the divide between proof and faith is fascinating. Witty and occasionally irreverent, Loustalot's offbeat account provides probing insight into why we see psychics and, perhaps more importantly, how we listen to what they have to say.” — Starred Kirkus Review

"Victoria Loustalot visits an alarmingly accurate psychic with her friends. After the woman's predictions come true, Loustalot, once a skeptic, is spurred to further explore the realm of psychics and mediums ... What ensues is a funny, gripping memoir about a foray into the inexplicable." — Refinery29, the hot new books everyone will be talking about

"In Future Perfect, [Loustalot] takes us on this ride through the realm of the unknown. The result is a memoir filled with insight and intelligence that might even leave you wondering what you really believe." — POPSUGAR, best books of winter 2019 list

“You’re not the only one who buys crystals and reads your horoscope and has maybe seen a medium just for fun but also because you were seeking guidance in your life and found it in a stranger who made your arm hair stand up. There’s a reason (several reasons?) why we’re all out there, cobbling together our own belief systems. It’s easy to be snarky or skeptical about the things that people have faith in, especially when that thing is a piece of rose quartz they bought at a strip mall. But Victoria isn’t snarky or belittling, because Victoria, like all of us rubbing our crystals while meditating, is also a seeker. And she’s also a very smart writer, who explores how we all got to this place, where mysticism is mainstream and people are more likely to go see their intuitive healer than their doctor (if they even have one).” — Nora Purmot, creator and host of the podcast Terrible, Thanks For Asking and the author of It’s Okay to Laugh and No Happy Endings

“This book is not what you think it is. What this book is is Victoria Loustalot reaching into my mind and sorting out my eternal struggles. Here’s the thing: as much as it pains me to say so, my struggles are not all that unique. I wonder about my future, I ponder the mysteries and beauties and great pains of love, I wonder what’s out there that might be greater than me. In navigating the realms of psychics and healers with a skeptic’s eye and an open heart, Loustalot moves toward meaning in a way that is deeply resonant..” — Elizabeth Crane, author of We Only Know So Much, The History of Great Things, and Turf

“Writing from an anxious, impatient, image-driven, data- and option-overloaded generation, Victoria Loustalot looks at our longings and the sources from whom we seek answers. Future Perfect is about the psychics and mystics we either adore or are skeptical about, and the science that supports or debunks their syntheses and claims. But this book is also about us—thirtysomethings, women, memoirists, Instagrammers—what we yearn for, why we search, how badly we want to be found. In reading about Loustalot’s journey, in research and in life, we might just feel a little less lost and a little less alone, and that the future, while imperfect, can be a breeding ground for magic and kindness and empathy. Whether she embraces the scientific or the spiritual, in the end, and certainly evermore, Loustalot embraces herself.”
— Cinelle Barnes, author of Monsoon Mansion: A Memoir